Barra Foundation

Our Goal

Communicating the benefits of taking risks.

The Barra Foundation has supported innovation in the Greater Philadelphia region since 1963.

Services we provided
  • Communications Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Content Development
  • Brand Building
  • Messaging
  • Collateral Material

It consistently tries to embody the innovative spirit in its grantmaking strategy by changing with the times and always looking for a better way of doing things.

In 2014, the Board and the Foundation’s new leadership revised its approach to accomplish three goals: to inspire risk-taking, reward exemplary organizations poised for positive change, and foster an environment that encourages innovative ideas and approaches. Sage was selected by Barra to help roll out its new guidelines, plan a comprehensive strategy for communicating the changes, and advise them on building a new website to reflect its updated identity and approach. Our plan included outreach to targeted stakeholders, the introduction of social media, and the development of a motion graphic to convey the Foundation’s mission and funding goals. We were proud to work with Maskar Design and ReMade throughout the process.

Today, we are working toward a revised communications strategy as The Barra Foundation continues to fulfill its mission and take risks in its grantmaking approach.