Fund for the School District

Our Goal

Promoting innovative investment in today’s students and tomorrow’s workforce.

When surveyed, a large percentage of people in the Philadelphia region said that education is a top concern and that they value public education.

Services we provided
  • Communications Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Media Relations

Many want to support the City’s schools but are hesitant to donate without knowing where their money is going. The Fund for the School District set out to fix that problem by building Philly FUNDamentals, an online platform that connects donors directly to schools’ needs. Each of 200 school principals identify their biggest needs, and donors then pick a school and give online to help the school meet that need. Quicker return on investment for donors; greater equity among our public schools. Everybody wins.

To bring this tool to the community, Sage created a communications action plan to launch and market it. We created toolkit materials for schools to market; produced a motion graphic to promote it; ran a launch press conference that resulted in valuable media coverage; designed a business leaders event to bring companies on board; and leveraged Eagles “underdog” Lane Johnson’s campaign to raise huge funds for the schools with digital billboards, news stories, videos, and social media.

During a crisis, government agencies, foundations, and nonprofit and for-profit brands rely on strategic communications to position their operations with strong and consistent messaging. 

But Covid-19 is like no other public health crisis we’ve witnessed in our lifetime. Messaging is especially difficult.

 Sage has 15+ years handling crisis communications. We’re here to help.

We’ve helped people make it through many tough situations. Let us know if you need support by heading to our contact page.