Our Goal

Increasing access to nutrition services.

Did you know that food is medicine?

Services we provided
  • Brand Building
  • Messaging
  • Collateral Material

The Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance, known as MANNA, has been providing tailored meals and nutrition consulting to people with chronic illnesses since 1990. And the results are clear: prescribed diets and nutrition intervention help people heal.

In 2019, MANNA decided to take its mission one step further to create the MANNA Institute—a center that explores the impact of nutrition on health for people with serious illnesses. The first of its kind, the MANNA Institute focuses on research and evaluation, education, and dissemination of its findings to increase access to nutrition services for those who need them most.

MANNA called on Sage and Maskar Design to help roll out the Institute with messaging and branding materials. Two printed pieces—one internal, and one public-facing—made the case for funding and raised general awareness. A revised logo gave the MANNA Institute its own identity within MANNA’s established brand standards. Today, the Institute is positioned to help MANNA encourage policy changes and transform lives around the globe.