New Leash on Life

Our Goal

Elevating a mission to place returning citizens in jobs and dogs in homes.

At Sage, we are personally aware of the powerful bond between humans and dogs.

Services we provided
  • Media Relations
  • Communications Strategy

We’re also passionate about redemption and second chances. That’s why when New Leash on Life USA was ready to take its work to the next level, Sage was a perfect match to help develop and implement a strategic communications plan.

New Leash matches prison inmates with at-risk shelter dogs for 12 weeks. The soon-to-be-released incarcerated individuals train the dogs, receive work and life skills training, and gain the motivation they need to stay out of prison—for good. The dogs, newly trained and socialized, are adopted by loving families. Everybody wins.

Countless humans and dogs have been transformed through New Leash, and Sage was proud to help the organization create greater awareness. We did that through storytelling, news coverage, social media, revised messaging, and a new tagline—a new direction.

During a crisis, government agencies, foundations, and nonprofit and for-profit brands rely on strategic communications to position their operations with strong and consistent messaging. 

But Covid-19 is like no other public health crisis we’ve witnessed in our lifetime. Messaging is especially difficult.

 Sage has 15+ years handling crisis communications. We’re here to help.

We’ve helped people make it through many tough situations. Let us know if you need support by heading to our contact page.