Pennsylvania Humanities Council (PHC)

Our Goal

Proving the universal impact of the humanities.

What are the humanities? That’s a question the Pennsylvania Humanities Council (PHC) constantly tries to answer, fighting against a widespread belief that the humanities belong only to the elite.

Services we provided
  • Communications Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Media Relations
  • Brand Building

The truth is that the humanities use history, arts, culture, literature, and conversation to help us make sense of the world we live in—and that the humanities belong to all of us.

To create a new communications strategy for the Council, we started with perceptions research to see what Pennsylvanians know—and don’t know—about the humanities. The results helped us construct a strong message platform and comprehensive communications plan to boost PHC’s name recognition and to reposition the organization throughout the state. Sage also helped implement the plan, which included producing a motion graphic with ReMade (shown above), getting media attention, and changing the way PHC talked about its mission and the humanities through its digital channels.

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