Sidney Kimmel Foundation

Our Goal

Showing a great philanthropist's impact.

The Sidney Kimmel Foundation has given more than $850 million in gifts since its inception in 1993.

Services we provided
  • Media relations
  • Website Content Development
  • Brand Building
  • Collateral Material

Sidney Kimmel is one of the country’s top philanthropists. He has not only committed to the Buffet and Gates Giving Pledge, he is also one of the few philanthropists to fulfill it during his lifetime. Sage has been honored to work with Mr. Kimmel and his foundation over the last five years to help announce news about his philanthropic gifts and to share the many inspiring stories about his life and commitment to philanthropy through the foundation’s website and the media. We’ve also been proud to bring awareness to this famous Philadelphian’s success in the Hollywood entertainment sector following his iconic career in the fashion industry.

Most recently, Sage worked with the foundation and Thomas Jefferson University to announce Sidney Kimmel’s $70 million gift to help pay for a $340 million biomedical research building that will strengthen Jefferson’s Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center and its broader research efforts. The building gift was in honor of Mr. Kimmel’s wife and will be called the Caroline Kimmel Biomedical Research Building. Sage also worked with the foundation and Jefferson in 2014 to announce Mr. Kimmel’s $110 million gift to Jefferson’s medical college – now named the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University. We’ve been behind a number of other projects with the foundation, including its website development.